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Women of Waterloo County

The creators of Women of Waterloo County - members of the Kitchener-Waterloo branch of the Canadian Federation of University Women--are justifiably proud of their work. This substantial, well written and well designed book, 320 pages in length and superbly illustrated withvalmost 90 historic photographs, contains original biographies of 33 individual women and two thematic articles.

The book features a Preface by noted Canadian journalist and women's advocate Doris Anderson, followed by an historical introduction. Based on painstaking original research and extensive personal interviews, all the articles are footnoted, and the volume is thoroughly indexed.

The remarkable lives of these Women of Waterloo County span the last 200 years, and the women are highly diverse in their accomplishments: a Mennonite fraktur artist, an industrial chemist, a much-published poet. Some of the women profiled gave tireless volunteer leadership in organizations that have defined Canadian society; others achieved "firsts" in librarianship, in education, in political life.

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