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2016-17 General Meetings

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All meetings start with Mix’n Mingle at 7:00pm and the meeting starts at 7:30pm

First United Church, Hilliard Hall, 16 William St. W. Waterloo, ON N2L 1J3 
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Sept 20, 2016

Start at 6:30pm

Meet and Greet

Slice of Life: come for a peek into the interesting lives of some of our CFUW K-W members.

General meeting and interest group sign-up.


Oct 18, 2016


The government and business emergence: we need wise government investments in entrepreneurship and innovation to support the emergence of new companies, products, and industries. Margaret Dalziel is an associate professor at the University of Waterloo, VP Research at the Evidence Network, and served as chair of the expert panel that examined Ontario’s $4 billion annual investment in business support.

Nov 15, 2016

 Lost and Found Theatre. Enjoy a performance of a compilation of pioneer women’s stories drawn from the musical play Quilters. Performed by Kathleen Sheehy, artistic director of Lost and Found Theatre, followed by a brief talk about the theatre.


  Dec 13,      2016


 Soul Sauce, a well-known vocal jazz ensemble in the Waterloo Region will enchant you with its variety of both accompanied and a cappella repertoire. Directed by singer Jane Cowan with piano accompanist Joan Harris, Soul Sauce is made up of local professional and nonprofessional musicians.

Don't forget Donations for Out of the Cold (cash, mittens, warm socks, toiletries etc.)


Jan 17, 2017


History of Rockway Gardens. Bruce MacNeil is a Master Gardener, Kitchener Horticultural Society Board member and avid photographer. He will share his wealth of knowledge as he talks about the history of Rockway Gardens which was established in the 1930’s. His photographs will illustrate this garden gem of Kitchener.



Feb 21, 2017


Eight years of volunteering in rural and remote India. Carol Motuz, our club’s Vice President, will give us insights into village life in India away from the tourist track where she assisted developments in prenatal care and agriculture. Also she will talk about the lowly status of women and girls in rural villages.


Mar 21, 2017

Closed meeting


The Joy of Resolutions.  Our Resolutions Committee presents the 2017 resolutions.  Your vote helps create CFUW policy. 

Quorum is required.



  April 18, 2017


Life in 1914. Kevin Thomas, Public Program Specialist at the Waterloo Regional Museum, in his own humorous and dramatic way, will talk about the new technologies, changing social attitudes, immigration and the impact of the Great War on our region and Canadian life in the year 1914.


April 21-22, 2017


CFUW K-W 53rd Annual Used Book Sale.

All members participate in our only fundraiser.


May 16, 2017
 Start at 6:30pm
Closed meeting

AGM at Granite Club

Join us for dinner and guest speaker Join us for a light dinner, social time.

Our closing banquet will feature Sex and the Single Bird. An examination of the varied and interesting mating systems of birds—without the sanction of morality, fortunately. David Gascoigne is sure to be informative and humorous.



Our General Meetings are held at (unless noted otherwise):
First United Church, Hilliard Hall
16 William St. W.
Waterloo, ON N2L 1J3

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