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Meetings 2004-2005

Sept 21, 2004

Where Have All the Floras Gone? A Pondering on the Trends in First Names

Bill Bean, Assistant News Editor, KW Record


Oct 19, 2004

50 Years of Community Service

Janet Taylor, CKCO Promotions and Program Manager


Nov 16, 2004

Canada's Young Immigrants

Marjorie Kohli, researcher, genealogist & author


Dec 14, 2004

Set Your feet A-Dancing

Interactive Scottish Country Dancing led by Nadine Gingrich


Jan 18, 2005

Welcome to the Perimeter Institute

Tour with Howard Burton, Executive Director


Feb 15, 2005

Justice After War: Iraq and Afghanistan

Prof. Brian Orend, University of Waterloo


Mar 22, 2005

The Popcorn Story

Audrey Wilson, President & CEO of The Gemini Group


May 17, 2005

Behind the Scenes of the 2005 Stratford Festival Season

Pat Quigley, Education Manager, Stratford


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