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Meetings 2000-2001

Sept 19, 2000

Which Way the Horizon

Betsy Wall, Executive Director, Foundation for International Development Assistance


Oct 17, 2000

Get to Know the Children's Museum

Rosemay Aicher, Museum President


Nov 21, 2000

Therapeutic Touch: Alternative Healing

Sally Jefferson and colleagues


Dec 12, 2000

Steeped in Tradition: The Rituals of Afternoon Teas

Fran Hoffman, author and speaker


Jan 16, 2001

Introduction to Feng Shui

Joy Ross, Feng Shui Specialist


Feb 20, 2001

Black History in Canada: Issues Affecting Women and Children


Lafern Clark, Big Sisters Association


Mar 20, 2001

Women in Shakespeare: The Upcoming Stratford Season

Professor Ted McGee, St. Jerome's University


May 15, 2001

Climate Change and Home Energy Performance

Don Eaton, Elora Centre for Environmental Excellence


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