Kate Crozier, Community Justice Initatives’ Stride Program Coordinator, will talk about the history of women’s correctional services in Canada; the influence of indigenous practices in the development of holistic, women-based principles; reintegration support for women leaving prison through the Stride and Circles programs; Fresh Start Creations; and the educational opportunities of Walls to Bridges.

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Meetings 1998-1999

Oct  20, 1999

Navigating the Financial Planning Seas for Yourself and Your Heirs

Sarah Leyshon-Hughes, Canada Trust


Nov 17, 1999

Living in Harmony: Celebrating Our Diversity

Chloe Callender & Lisbeth Haddad of Skylark


Dec  8, 1999

Canadian Identity in Clay

Ann Roberts, R.C.A. Artist and Professor of Fine Arts


Jan 19, 2000

Your Eyes Throughout Your Life

Dr. T. David Williams, Professor of Optometry, Dr. Debbie Cipp, Optometrist


Feb 16, 2000

A New Vision for the Centre in the Square

Jamie Grant, G.M., The Centre in the Square


Mar 9, 2000

Herbs in and from the Garden

Alain Charest, Kitchener Horticultural Society


Apr 20, 2000

An Interactive Murder Mystery

Carol Weber, a.k.a. Ms. Sherlocka Holmes


May 11, 2000

Stories: Guideposts on the Road of Life

Mary Eileen McClear, founder, "The Second Story," Baden


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