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Margaret Dale Philp Biography

Margaret Dale Philp was a Life Member and Past President of CFUW K-W and taught Latin and English at Kitchener Collegiate Institute from 1928 to 1933. Some of her illustrious students included authors Kenneth Millar (alias, Ross MacDonald) and his wife, Margaret Millar. In 1973 the club instituted the CFUW Margaret Dale Philp Fund. CFUW K-W continues to fully fund this award but it is administered by the national CFUW Fellowships Committee at headquarters in Ottawa.

In 2004, a bequest from retired K-W librarian and long-time member of CFUW K-W, Kathryn Lippert, was added to this fund and its name changed in her honour to the Kathryn Lippert/Margaret Dale Philp Fund. This bequest was an expression of Kathryn Lippert's life-long love of books and support of literacy.