Kate Crozier, Community Justice Initatives’ Stride Program Coordinator, will talk about the history of women’s correctional services in Canada; the influence of indigenous practices in the development of holistic, women-based principles; reintegration support for women leaving prison through the Stride and Circles programs; Fresh Start Creations; and the educational opportunities of Walls to Bridges.

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Our History

Enjoy the slideshow of the pictures displayed in Kitchener City Hall.

Women in Kitchener History poster

The August 2012 exhibit for the ARTSPACE at Kitchener City Hall, Women in Kitchener History, celebrated some of the community’s remarkable women.

Edna Staebler

Edna Staebler 1906- 2006 Author, Journalist, Literary Promoter, Order of Canada. She started the CFUW KW Book sale which continues today (April 2012 was the 48th Book Sale) and is the only fundraiser held by the club. She is best known for her engaging "Food That Really Schmecks" series.

Margaret (Sturm) Millar

Margaret (Sturm) Millar. 1915-1994. Mystery Writer, Seated in front row third from right in Kitchener Collegiate's "Grumbler" yearbook staff photo 1932

Mary Churchill and Col. Mary Dover

On the left, Mary Churchill, daughter of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his aide-de-Camp visited the C,W.A.C training centre. On the right is Col. Mary Dover, the Kitchener camp's first commanding officer.

Young women recruits

Army Recruiting Office beside Kitchener City Hall

Mary Kaufman

Mary Kaufman 1856-1943. Local YWCA founder, Philanthropist, Community Volunteer. In this photo, John, Edna and Mary Kaufman on road to the Great Wall of China 1917

Emma Kaufman

Emma Kaufman 1881-1979 Japanese and International YWCA Administrator, Philanthropist.

Margaret (Erb) Schreiter

Margaret (Erb) Schreiter 1895-1992. Army Nurse in World War I, Community Volunteer

Dr. Deborah Glaister

Dr. Deborah Glaister 1906-1986. Physician, Captain in Medical Corps in World War II


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