Kate Crozier, Community Justice Initatives’ Stride Program Coordinator, will talk about the history of women’s correctional services in Canada; the influence of indigenous practices in the development of holistic, women-based principles; reintegration support for women leaving prison through the Stride and Circles programs; Fresh Start Creations; and the educational opportunities of Walls to Bridges.

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CFUW Kitchener-Waterloo, founded in 1922, is part of The Canadian Federation of University Women, a voluntary non-profit organization. It currently has more than 240 members.

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  • To cultivate excellence in public education in Canada and to encourage the higher education of women.
  • To encourage members to put their education and professional experiences at the service of the community.
  • To arouse and sustain among members an intelligent interest in public affairs, to encourage active participation in such affairs by qualified women, and to provide opportunities for effectual concerted action.
  • To promote human rights and improvements in the status of women.
  • To foster a spirit of friendship, cooperation and involvement at all levels of the International Federation of University Women.


  • Ontario Council, with approximately 6000 women in about 60 clubs across the province.
  • CFUW, with more than 10,000 women in more than 120 clubs across Canada.
  • Graduate Women International, with more than 70 member affiliates from around the world.

As an organization, we foster and support excellence in education, involvement in public affairs, improvement of human rights and the status of women while encouraging friendship and cooperation among our members. See our membership benefits.

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